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Urine diverter for small compost toilet camper vans Toilet box and seat for camper van Urine diverter containers for compost toilets Basic compost loo with urine diverter

Steffi from Germany shares her great solutions for non-chemical toilets in small spaces with her eco toilet for  the road. It has a dual function and can also be used as a seat. 

Some nice photos above  of how the urine diverter works from the inside. 

Hi Guys!

“Finally I have built my Camping Van Compost-Toilet... and I want to share the results with you.
The challenge for me was to save space, so that I did not want to use a usual toilet-seat.
Also I wanted to use the Loo-Box as a seat in my Van but I wanted to hide the toilet because of aesthetic reasons.
Now look, how beautiful it has become!


I have not yet tried it out, but I will soon....

Many greetings from Germany”


28th June 2022

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