Tiny House Toilets


tiny living Dry toilets, also know as composting toilets, fit perfectly with the ethos of Tiny Living, and are a popular feature in many Tiny Houses. Environmentally friendly and simple to use, dry toilets make sense in so many ways, not least by providing a means of capturing valuable nutrients that can be used as fertilizers on the land, rather than being discarded. Humanure cycle There is a whole range of dry toilets on the market for the Tiny House owner looking to buy a composting toilet for their home, and many blogs describing the trials and tribulations of getting the toilet system right. Using a urine diverter to keep the liquids and solids separate is a key way of preventing dry toilets from smelling bad, and is an inexpensive solution for people building their own composting toilet. The we-pee urine diverter enables you to build a composting toilet that functions in the same way as the Swedish made Separett toilets, but at a fraction of the price. Simple, cheap, and enabling self-reliance - perfect for Tiny Living.

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