Urine Separators for Komposttoilettet, Denmark



Long live the composting toilet - when the end is good everything is good. The Danish artist Jytte Abildstrom Composting toilets in Denmark are growing in popularity all the time, as more and more Danish citizens are looking for environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional flush toilet and waste management systems. Dry composting toilets require no water, electricity, or mains sewage and produce wonderful, useable compost that can be returned to feed the soil, naturally. Urine separation is a key factor in ensuring odour-free composting toilets and a successful composting process. The we-pee urine separator is a light-weight, affordable solution that has been the choice of many Danish compost toilet lovers, from Broenshoej to København, Odense to Copenhagen. The we-pee urine urine separator is sold at £33 / Euros 47, around 280 d.kr. Delivery to Norway is included in the price.

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