Inside secrets of a compost loo.

Outdoor wooden compost looDesigner compost toilet Compost toilet urine separator  

 We spend so much time in the bog so why not  make your eco-friendly compost  toilet a pleasant and fun place to be as well as a functional one.

It's not just a convenience, it's a way of life.

As well as enjoy spending  time in your compost toilet you can have the feelgood factor of knowing you are doing your bit to take care of the planet,with no water usage and the recycling of waste in an environmentally responsible way. 

Julie shares some fun photos of her  being at one with her super loo and newly installed urine separator; a cheap and easy solution to separate the liquid from the solids in a dry compost toilet system. 

Check-out her hall of fame graffiti wall ! 

Compost loo interior

“Hi Suzanne,

 Here are some photos of your urine separators’ new home! 😁 

Best wishes, 

Julie Moss “

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