Take a pew, have a poo in the loo with a view!

From the wilds of the far North Scottish  highlands we have a beautifully styled compost toilet with our we-pee urine diverter in place separating the solids from the liquids. 

Stylish woodland  compost toilet View from a compost loo

Compost toilet interior with urine separator

Urine separator installed in compost toilet

 “Here is our beautiful woodland compost loo in the very northern highlands of Scotland.

 She, (our lovely separator), has taken pride of place in the loo made of a church pew and there is indeed a lovely view from the window.
So one can take a pew, have a poo in the loo with a view!

“Separator in situ. We prefer not to screw it in from underneath, as we swap it with another when cleaning in progress!
Don’t worry. We will take good care of her.

Thanks so much, “
Warm regards,
Anna Lee  😊 

North Scottish Highlands

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