Micro Shelter for Homeless


We have just donated another urine separator to this amazing person who builds homeless shelters for people in New Orleans.

"Hey Paul

Thank you again for donating the urine diverter to me. Today I gave the shelter away to a homeless person here in New Orleans.

Two other homeless people have approached me so this January I will build another one. I hope to be able to use your product in some capacity again.

Here are some details of the shelter. I will do another proper video when I get a chance

1. 10 ft by 5 ft on wheels can be manually pushed by a person.

2. Total weight about 1,300 lbs

3. 10 gallon rain water on baord

4. 50 Watt solar panel with 340 watt battery pack with inverter to 110V AC

5. Sofa Bed with storage

6. Composting Toilet ( with plastic bag and urine diversion...thank YOU)

7. Shower with a shower head and pump

8. Hand crank washing machine.

Thank you so much again

Haiyan "

mirco shelter urine-diverting-toilethomeless shelter with toilet

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