We-pee is a website selling urine separators for composting toilets. We created this website to promote our urine separators made by our main company Free Range Designs. We have been making and selling compost toilets since 2009 and this urine diverter is the culmination of many years of research and development. For more information about how to build a dry composting toilet visit our DIY Plans Page.

Why use a urine diverter?

Urine is an excellent source of plant nutrients, however it is extremely heavy and difficult to transport. Mixing urine and poop also leaves toilet contents wet, which can cause increased smell and odours unless carbon cover material is significantly increased as well. For ideal composting, urine should be integrated into the compost pile to increase the final nutrient content, however it is often advisable to separate the urine from the poop in the toilets themselves to meet the following objectives:

  1. Less carbon cover material required to reduce odour and flies
  2. By diverting the urine you end of having a dry mixture which allows aerobic composting happening which is less smelly than anaerobic composting
  3. Reduced volume of material. Solid human waste is approximately 85% water by volume. This means that a urine diverting toilet will have enormous capacity for its size. The solid material dries out and shrinks dramatically (just like a compost pile in you backyard). Urine diversion therefore also significantly reduces the weight of the in the bucket/wheelie bin.


Shipping and postage

We-pee worldwide shipping

We ship anywhere in the world. We package and post our separators every day to speed up the delivery times. Our aim at We-pee is to offer a premium, hassle free experience. We have posted separators to New Zealand, USA, Canada, Chile, South Africa, Japan, Indonesia, France, Germany and even to the North Pole research facility.

Our shipping costs are:

  • U.K. - free 2nd class delivery
  • Rest of world - £10.00


We accept the following forms of payment:

  • Credit card
  • PayPal
  • Bank transfer

About compost toilets

Composting toilets require no water, electricity or drainage and are environmentally friendly, using no chemicals and producing no pollution. Composting toilets are the ideal solution for all sites without mains services, including allotments, campsites, woodlands and remote dwellings.

The key factor for successful odour-free composting is urine separation. The We-pee urine separator is used to divert the urine away from the solids into a separate container or soak away. This keeps the solid waste odour-free and optimises the composting process. For the process to work aerobically and effectively, moisture levels need to be controlled: too dry, and the mass decomposes slowly or not at all; too wet and anaerobic organisms thrive, creating undesirable smells.

We-pee is part of Free Range Designs, who design, manufacture and install a large range of composting toilets across the UK.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to sit down to use the urine separator?

Yes, men and woman have to sit down on the toilet to allow the urine separator to work correctly. We usually find that a simple sign on the inside of the door helps.

 Do compost toilets smell?

No compost toilets should not smell more than normal toilets if the urine is separated from the solids. This helps keep a dry mixture which is aerobic and not smelly. If you are worried then we advise you to put a simple extractor fan on the toilet box.

What’s the difference between the Original Urine Separator for Composting Toilet and the Complete Urine Separator?

Both separators function in the same way, diverting the urine down a pipe away from the solids. 

The Complete separator provides an entire ring under the toilet seat, capturing the urine at the front and containing the solids at the back. The back part of the separator forms a barrier to the space behind. 

The Original urine separator offers flexibility of positioning under the toilet seat. It can be moved forwards or backwards according to the user’s preference, in order to capture the maximum amount of urine.


 Are instructions include with the urine diverter?

Yes we include a installation diagram with the separator


Are these the same separators sold by Free Range Designs?

Yes, We-pee is a company setup by Free Range Designs to sell their separators. More info about Free Range Designs can be found at