Spanish we-pee site goes live!


separador de orina para inodoro de compostaje

Composting toilets are a growing phenomenon across the world and the we-pee urine diverter is sold to countries far and wide, from Iceland to Croatia, New Zealand to Canada. To help people buy the we-pee urine separator wherever they are, we have translated the site into different languages and we are delighted to have added Spanish to the list of languages you can buy the urine separator in. So welcome to the site, El Separador de Orina! Composting toilets are a great solution in areas struggling with water shortages, and soon to be available in Spanish are the Plans to build your own portable composting toilet box, which are currently available here in English. Urine separation is the key to successful composting toilets and we hope that people building their own composting toilets in Spain will now be able to access useful information from the we-pee site, as well as their own Separador!

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