Waterless toilet solutions for Australia

Here's some feedback from Sean  from NSW Australia on how his  urine diverter has worked out for him.

"I ordered one of these from you, and I thought you might want to see what it looks like installed.

It's in a shed at our weekend property near Mudgee in rural NSW, Australia. We previously used a chemical loo and this is a big improvement.

 It was recently field tested by our adult son who had 10 friends camping there over the Easter weekend, so it got a serious workout!

The verdict is that is easier to use, not smelly, much simpler to empty and doesn't use any of our precious rainwater. "


Sean Wright

Rainwater conserving toilet solution in Australia Urine diverter for waterless toilet

Water saving dry compost toilet with urine diverter

Rain water is such a scarce commodity in Australia, so dry composting  toilets are an essential component in water conservation solutions, helping to  combat drought and other extreme weather manifestations of global warming. 

Our urine separators are a no mess, user friendly product which help to divert  urine away from solids in waterless  toilet systems. The by-product is a valuable source of organic matter called hu-manure, that can be recycled back into the earth as a  wonderful nutritional mulch for trees. A win win result!

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