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Complete Urine Separator for Composting Toilet

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Urine separation is the single most important factor in any composting toilet and an integral part of all our eco-toilet systems. 

We have been designing and making urine separators since 2009 and this complete plastic urine separator is the latest of our toilet separating designs. Developed in response to customer demand, this new separator functions in the same way as our original design - by diverting the wee away from the poo at source - but comes as a complete unit that sits neatly underneath your toilet seat. 

The urine separators work to keep your compost toilet odour-free and ensure straightforward, hassle-free toilet maintenance.

Strong and sturdy, with an easy-to-clean shiny surface, this separator is attached with screws to the bottom of the compost toilet seat platform, where it can either be cleaned in situ or easily removed for periodic deep cleaning.

Our urine separators are the outcome of extensive research into the most effective way of diverting urine away from the solids, for both male and female users.

Each separator is supplied with a removable metal filter that sits over the outlet hole, preventing the pipework from becoming blocked.


Length: 330mm
Width: 284mm
Depth: 130mm
Hole size: 30mm (external diameter)


The urine separator is placed under the toilet seat with screws and can be connected to a standard 1 1/4" push-fit waste pipe.