Fab product at a sensible price!

Complete urine separator for compost toilet Complete urine diversion system

Lovely feedback from a customer who recently installed our complete urine diverter in the toilet of her boat. 

 Designed with maximum efficiency and affordability in mind, our latest separator fits snugly under a toilet seat and is the best solution for dealing with human waste in a user- friendly and planet -friendly way. 


 "I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know the urine separator we bought from you a few months back is great. I've attached some photos - I built a surround and we installed it in our boat... it works a treat. 

 Thank you for making it good quality and affordable too. 

 If you ever come up with a 'modesty bung' design, please let me know, I've created one but getting the exact fit is tricky. 

Many thanks,"

Fran  Parry

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