Projet de toilettes à compost Australie


It is summer now in Australia and water is short. Composting toilets are an excellent solution for saving water and producing lovely useable compost. Separating the urine from the poo is the key factor in ensuring a successful composting process and the we-pee urine separating system is receiving great feedback from people making their own composting toilets all over the world. Rupert and Paula in Victoria, Australia have just sent us the following feedback:


Hello Suzanne,
We finally installed our compost loo & after a fair amount of time thinking & rethinking the project, the final result appears more than effective.
The urine funnel has been connected to a direct longer section of firm plastic plumbing connection joining to a larger section of piping then beneath the floor of shed to beneath ground surface & at a joined elbow, we ran another 14meters of plumbing section into a 2 mtr x 2mtr wide pit x 700mm-800mm depth into a large 2mtr length of perforated flexible plastic pipe capped off & placed small to medium sized rocks & broken bricks around the perforated pipe then refilled the remaining existing dirt from the area. The land slopes away from the Shed where the urine funnel/plumbing exits, so perfect for the application. Just small amounts of wee going down to that area followed by using a few squirts of soapy water & diluted disinfectant sprayed around the inner funnel, followed by a few litres of clean water to flush/rinse it through. The "pooping" side of things is separate using 3 main materials:
1/ suitable bucket with handle(cut & adapted to fit under rear end of urine funnel), 2/ compostable breakdown bags(27ltr capacity), 3/ freshly dried sugar cane mulch(SCM).
Firstly place in 2-3handfuls SCM in compost bag within the bucket. Do your business. Place a further 2-3 handfuls SCM over the waste/toilet paper( NO discarded feminine hygiene products to be used - separate procedure & disposal). Press down gently with a timber prodder over the SCM. Close & lower toilet seat base & cover the bucket/contents with a small round plastic lid. Started using this loo on Mon 5th Dec. It's now Thurs 8th Dec. No odours whatsoever & we've had a heat wave already (summer now) - fear of attracting flies- NO, NOT YET- remarkable.
I believe our method is quite unique as we've also installed a solar powered extraction fan behind & within the actual toilet boxed frame section/shed so this can help eliminate any possible odours which may occur eventually until I need to remove the bag & contents to another large compost bin where grass clippings, fruit/veg scraps, small excess shrub growth, etc...end up. So all in all its great. Just never felt that the "manufactured compost loos" which generally combine the urine & poop in the same chamber- OOKUS! YUK & very smelly. The urine being separate from the poop chamber really assists in the odours virtually non existent. We can only smell the Sugar Cane Mulch which has an earthy non offensive odour. So its a win. YAY!
Very happy indeed.
Have a safe, Merry Xmas & terrific new year for 17, wherever you may be.
By for now Rupert & Paula

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