Urine diversion system on the West coast of Scotland

Harvey from Scotland shares his twin chamber compost toilet creation with our standard urine separator installed. He also shows his flair with languages and the stunning location he lives in. Thankyou Harvey, lovely to see where our separators relocate to. 

Free range Designs also make a twin chamber composting box if you want something similar  but ready made. 

Twin chamber compost toilet with urine diverter Urine separator on twin seat compost looview from the compost toilet

"Hi There,  

  Just letting you know that I have fitted the doodah in the compost loo!

 We live in a village that's empty most of the year, Fearnbeg on the West Coast of Scotland, and its brill, getting timber this week to build a new composting shed thing! "

 All the best and cheers 

Kind regards

Harvey Dougherty 

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